Frequently asked questions

How do you screen your nannies?

Every Nanny is interviewed and vetted by the team at Nannies of South Florida. They are screened thoroughly, using criminal background checks, extensive reference checks, and social security verification checks.


What does a typical Nanny charge?

The average nanny in South Florida makes $15.00-$25.00+ an hour before taxes. Most of this depends on your nanny's experience, the number of children you have, and your nanny's duties. By law, a nanny is considered a household employee.  This means that your nanny uses a W2 form and not a 1099. 

What types of services do you offer?

  • Nanny Share

  • Full Time Nannies

  • House Managers

  • Part Time Nannies

  • Overnight Nannies

  • Private Educators (homeschool)

  • Live-In Nannies

  • Temporary Nannies

I have used free online services to search for a nanny. I have interviewed many nannies with little to no luck! Why should I use a nanny agency?

There are several online search engines geared towards helping families find nannies and sitters themselves. Unfortunately, most times you will end up with a candidate who is less than stellar with little to no professional experience as a nanny. The most experienced nannies use agencies to find families like you! Nannies of South Florida has access to the best nannies in the U.S.


What is Nanny Share?

Nanny Share is where two families come together to share the same nanny. If you have a friend, neighbor, or family member with like aged children, Nanny Share could work for you! This is an ideal option for families who are looking to have a more economically friendly approach to hiring a nanny. Both families will pay up to 2/3 of the nanny's rate.  For example: If your nanny's rate is $15.00 an hour for two children, each family would pay her 10.66 per hour. We do not match the families. However, we are happy to give advice on where to find another family!


Do you include tweens and teen care?

Absolutely. We offer nannies for children of all ages! 

How long will it take Nannies of South Florida to find us the perfect nanny for our family?

It usually takes us anywhere between 2-6 weeks to place a nanny with a family.

What is a Finder's Fee? 

A Finder's Fee or Placement Fee is the fee you pay a nanny agency to go out and recruit a nanny for your family. Nannies of South Florida provides several options. 

Do you help families outside of Southeast Florida?

We service most of South East Florida with a focus on West Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade County. If you live within an hour of any of these counties, we would love to speak with you!

Do you provide Maids, Butlers, Drivers, Caregivers for the Elderly, or Housekeepers?

Unfortunately, we do not. We prefer to offer what we are most passionate about. Early Childhood Education is our passion, so we prefer to stick with what we love!