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Sabrina N. Washington is the founder of Nannies of South Florida. Originally from the coastal city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Sabrina’s love for children blossomed as early as the age of 16 when she had the special opportunity to engage with young children through a special work program facilitated by her high school.  After graduating, Sabrina relocated and broke ground on a rewarding journey toward early childhood education. At the genesis of her career, she earned a coveted position as a preschool teacher at a prestigious private school. Any spare time outside of teaching was spent garnering a wealth of experience as a nanny for families in Nashville. She maintained her teaching position over many years and established herself as a seasoned childcare professional, excelling in the areas of childhood instruction and social development.

With 17 running years of childhood education under her belt, Sabrina’s childcare experience naturally expanded into business and administration.  This included playing a facilitative role in the grand opening of a private preschool where she was assigned the position of Director. This role afforded her the opportunity to expand her arsenal of skills into the areas of consumer marketing, sales, employee recruitment, event planning, enrollment, and persuasive touring. Her transition into the business facet of childcare only increased her genuine love and advocacy for quality childhood education.

Having delved into both the teaching and business side of the childcare industry, Sabrina came into her own vision that would allow her to leave a meaningful mark in the childcare field through the pursuit of quality care and education. Her vision manifested itself in the form of her own nanny referral agency, Elite Nannies of Nashville, an agency known for its distinctly unique coupling of childcare and education right within the children’s homes. After two successful years of running Elite Nannies of Nashville, Sabrina is ready to get back to her Florida roots and expand to service the families of West Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade counties.

Nannies of South Florida has developed a personalized curriculum for any child to learn, all while being watched over by a qualified nanny. Nannies of South Florida also offers a social component in which multiple families have the option of sharing a nanny, allowing their children to develop their social skills by interacting with other children in a safe and familiar environment. Sabrina strongly believes that education and socialization at an early age are extremely important to the quality of the rest of a child’s life.